brainy is a Digital School Management System. Unlike other School Administration Programmes, that only provide address adminstration, statistics and maybe the preparation of certificates, brainy is really different and covers all workflows in modern schools.


SAS - School Administration System

  • address administration for students, parents, guardians, teachers, project companies, social workers etc.
  • country specific display screens according to School Laws and Data Protection Acts
  • individual definable (dynamic) fields / fieldsets
  • electronic student’s file
  • option for statistics

Digital Class Register

  • lesson content
  • homework assignments
  • truancies
    • automated notification of the class teacher, when missing hours are getting out of control
    • automated notification of the parents, when their child is playing hooky (optional per SMS and message)
    • management of excuses
    • automated transfer into the certificates
    • warnings
      • automated evaluation (e.g. 3 times forgotten homework assignments)
      • automated information of class teacher, who can himself send an information to the parents with a single click; parents can confirm the receipt by using an embedded link
      • automated documentation in the electronic student’s file
    • Students as well as parents can print the lesson reports (in compliance with the School Law and Data Protection Law)

Intelligent Timetable

  • lesson content
  • homework assignments
  • truancies
    • shows lessons, exercises, test, substitutions, cancellations
    • adapted to synchronization with iCal for all mobile devices and applications like Outlook or Thunderbird
    • planning of substitution and cancellations with immediate effect on timetable and school’s information monitor
      • statistical analysis for teachers and courses
      • compatible with all infoboards and monitors; no additional software required
      • pre-defined or individual layouts (students, teachers) in compliance with School Laws and Data Protection Acts
      • substitution plan can be linked to the school’s website or mobile device
    • wizard for examination
      • find dates for examination in compliance to the School Laws and the school’s calendar
      • examinations can be rated on different criteria (e.g. inclusion)
      • examinations are instantly visible in timetables are schedulers
      • message is sent to students and their parents
    • lesson hours can be created in fixed scheme or as a date


  • marks for different types of examinations
  • individual grading systems possible, e.g. 1-6, 10-0, A-F, MVG-VG-G-IG, decimal marks, textual marks,….
  • Grading systems can be converted into each other
  • individual reports to students and parents, headmaster; performance reports
  • individual or fixed weightings for interim reports and certificates (in combination form, lesson, teacher)
    • parts of weighting or entire weighting can be set as obligatory
  • interim reports (quarter/month, warning letter)
  • automated integration of marks into certificates


  • system holds all necessary templates (end/half year, interim, leaving, promotion) according to the School Law (type of school, form)

Calendar Management

  • calendars can be synchronized with mobile devices (iCal protocol)
  • dates/events can be created for several levels: school, form, class, groups or individuals
  • wizard for event planning
    • management and online-booking option
  • wizard for parents-teachers-day planning
    • online-booking option
  • wizard for consultation hours

Electronic Bulletin Board

  • several levels: school, form, class, groups or individuals
  • individual response mode for postings


  • email-free communication (standard) for highest security standards
  • users can decide about forwarding to their email account
  • automated archiving of all important messages and information in the student file
  • messages cannot be deleted manually (documentation!); automated deletion sessions according to deletion deadlines (Data Security Act)
  • school individual letterheads
  • many templates for form letters
  • individual templates can be created using a wizard without need of programming experience
  • free variable parameters can be defined easily
  • electronic answer using embedded links (please take a note, attendance yes/no)

DMS Document Management System

  • 500 MB webspace for individual documents/files per teacher; unlimited webspace for mails and generated information
  • all individual documents/files can be shared with individuals and/or groups
  • expiration date for visibility can be assigned to shared documents/files


  • comprehensive report libraries
  • wizard for defining customized reports

More Features

  • cloud-based web application and supports all common web browsers
  • the user interface covers 12 languages
    • Arabic, Dutch, English, Farsi (Persian), French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portugese, Spanish, Russian
  • support of single-sign-on for multiple databases
  • saves more than 3 weeks per teacher during the school year
  • the only pure German Cloud for schools (German data warehouse); ISO certified
  • protection against hacker attacks and data theft
  • 2048-bit ExtSSL encryption
  • import of data from different School Administration Programmes (e.g. Schild, Magellan, ASV) and Timetable Planning Programmes (e.g. UNTIS)
    • can serve as add-on to all School Administration Programmes and then offers no SAS functionality
  • compliance with School Laws, their Regulations and German Data Protection Acts

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