We believe that great teaching matters
and every school can be outstanding.

Everything in brainy is designed to enable more time for teaching, help raise the attainment of all the students and perform action where it is needed most. That is why brainy is helping teachers support their students, and helping them to achieve their full potential. We believe in improving outcome, because teachers do.

Our gift for you: time

brainy allows for many savings in different areas:

Administration (School Management/Secretary's office (up to 60%*)

Administration of students' absences, class/course assignment, filing of records ad letters/mailings, keeping the students' files, dispatching of instructions, distribution of information, date arrangements - these are typical tasks for the secretary's office. Besides that a principle or dean has to be kept informed about all incidents, he/she has to keep the overview and has to coordinate teachers and staff. Using brainy that all is a cinch, as all workflows are linked in an intelligent way.

Parents' information (up to 80%*)

With the simple-to-use text editor, which is integrated fully into the application, you can easily create messages. You do not need any expensive software like Microsoft Word. Messages will be either printed, or passed directly to the recipient's message box. Due to the nature of message it can be automatically or at your desire filed in the student's record. Even feedbacks can be included (e.g. „I have noticed this message”). There are a lot of templates in brainy's document library, which are designed as fill-in-the-blank texts. This enables you to send out messages within seconds.

Administration of absences (up to 75%*)

Parents can report their children absent. Online. This note will be visible instantly to all teachers of the class. Also the secretary's office can add absent students, when the parents called by phone. Open (missing) excuses, are visible for parents/custodians, and teachers, and school management. The administration of excuses is very easy: you need a click to processing.

Preparing and finishing the certificates (up to 90%*)

Preparing and finishing the certificates is done within seconds. The subject teacher enters the grades, the class teacher reviews them and checks for completeness, the principal approves the grades and closes the certificate and starts the printing. Compare this to the required time today.

Paper saving (up to 60%*)

The communication is digital, but e-mail-free. This keeps brainy free from any threats of viruses. The distribution of documents (information, worki papers etc.) can be handled with the document management system, which reduces the usage of the data volume. Even a validity period can be assigned to documents.

(*) Figures as given from our schools.
Best Practice

OKO Private School

We are convinced that greater parental engagement will raise attainment

Oko Private School

For OKO Private School, parental engagement is the key to raising standards and bridging the gap between the school and the home.

Parental engagement had always been important to the school, but a drop in attendance at parents' evenings made the school think again about how best to communicate with families. The school realised that they needed to do things differently to increase engagement. When parents told them that they wanted access information online, the school decided to purchase brainy so they could securely share information recorded such as assessment data, achievements and attendance.

»We've seen an increase in attendance and we think it’s because parents can see from the resources online that attendance is closely matched to achievement and it’s led to greater participation«,says Gabriele Hartl, principle of OKO Private School.

And more, the school is getting feedback from parents saying the information from brainy has improved their discussions with their children at home.

A school managment system that deserves its name

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