Saving time and money

With budgets tightening, the need to get the most out of your money and resources is even more paramount. brainy has the power to give your teams more time by reducing administration and ensuring your school’s money and resources are put to the best possible use.

Switch to digital communications

Text communications to parents, pupils and staff can save you time and money. An average Germany secondary school can save 1000s of working hours and $7,000 in paper and related costs per year by switching to brainy. Additional costs as licenses for obsolete software products and be saved additionally.

Embrace smarter working

WIth brainy, you can automate repetitive tasks and you only need to enter pupil information once. You can also set up time-saving automatic alerts to inform staff about changes within a pupil group.

Save time on pupil reports

brainy can help you write pupils’ termly reports more quickly. It helps you save save you up to 30 minutes on each report by pre-filling pupil information and assessment data, and creating them electronically. Finalizing the reports and approving is done with one click.

Make it easier to update and share information

You can electronically store all your documentation relating to a pupil or school in brainy's Document management System, and teachers or the school management can share those information with individuals or groups. Documents can be made accessible with in definable validity periods.