Quality of teaching

You need to prove that your school’s teaching is effective. Holding all information on individual objectives and lesson observations centrally, you can build a complete picture of every staff member. You can also manage staff appraisals, performance-related pay decisions and use pupil data to identify good teaching practices and inform training needs.

Quality of your school

brainy's advanced statistics are available on a click and inform you about keymarks of individuals and groups. brainy can score a school using the impartial brainy Score Index BSI, which uses data from different areas to calculate a benchmark.

Behaviour and safety of pupils

brainy can help you understand where behaviour and attendance issues are occurring and provide insight into attitudes to learning and lesson punctuality. You can analyse data to see if certain pupils are consistently late or if certain pupils are having a big impact on behaviour. Teachers can log incidents as they happen so that you are working with today’s attendance data and this morning’s behaviour points.

Leadership and management

School leaders should know what is working in a school and what is not. brainy's real-time data helps you track the impact of the strategies you put in place. Pupil progress can be measured by specific groups and evaluated in the context of behaviour and punctuality. brainy ensures school leaders can assess teaching quality and identify training needs easily.