Home and school communication

Good communication is the key to your school running smoothly and maintaining high standards. brainy provides solutions that will help you initiate and control both your home and school communications.

We help you ensure that parents are kept informed of their child’s school life and staff are given the key information they need to do their job effectively.

Share real-time information with parents

brainy allows you to provide parents with instant online access to information – anytime, anywhere. Parents can view information directly from brainy on their child’s attendance, behaviour and achievement. Even the busiest parents can stay informed with access available via tablet and mobile devices.

Ensure parents are updated - wherever they are

With brainy you can send messages direct to a parents relating to behaviour, school closures or unexplained absences. You can send information out at the click of a button, saving you time, postage and telephone costs.

Give teachers the tools to connect

With real-time information at their fingertips, all can work more flexibly. brainy supports in-school communications by enabling teachers to update achievement records, check colleagues’ timetables or report and document behaviour incidents directly.

Send information to staff instantly

brainy saves you time by managing communications via text messages. As e-mails are insecure and always a door for viruses, brainy uses an internal communication method. You can even send out individual or bulk messages in case of urgent incidents.

brainy holds the overview and can even remind teachers automatically if daily registers are not completed.

Inspire student motivation

Focus pupils on their own achievement by allowing them to see how they are progressing towards their learning targets. brainy allows pupils to view their own achievement data – anytime, anywhere. Pupils can access homework diaries, learning targets and other information, encouraging them to take responsibility to drive their own progress.

Pinboards are a colorful communication

Replace the black board in your school's entrance hall and on every classroom's wall with brainy's pinboard module. There is no need to remove old notes as brainy removes them automatically after they expired. Answer directly and electronically to a note, whether you want to join for cinema on Saturday or whether you want to comment on a poem or photo. For lower classes you can limit pupils on posting, and you decide whether parents may also participate at the school's pinboards - actively or passivly, or whether they are blocked.